By Juliet Smith

8th November 2018

No matter what you call it – Maccie D’s, Golden Arches or just good, old-fashioned McDonald’s – with locations in over 120 countries, wherever you go, you’re guaranteed to get your McNugget fix.

And there’s no denying that when we’ve been abroad, be it Spain, France or even the Middle-East, we’ve all swerved the local cuisine for a cheeky¬†‘Big Mac, large fries and a Mcflurry please’.

As such, we’ve learnt to recognise the archetypal Mackie Ds: with an unmistakable smell of grease, a token (yet slightly creepy) Ronald McDonald and (if you’re really lucky) a (slightly dirty) play area. We’ve grown to know what to expect.

But it happens that the McDonald’s branches are not all as similar as we think. In fact, there’s a number of restaurants which subvert your expectations of the chain and offer a completely unique McDonald’s experience.

From the weird and wonderful, to the straight up weird, we’ve put together a collection of the most unusual McDonald’s restaurants you’ll ever have seen.

Let’s get started!

From UFO-shaped buildings to restaurants built in aeroplanes, here are 60 McDonald’s locations which are like nothing you’ve seen before!

1. New Zealand: A McDonald’s on a plane?

Image Source

We’ve all been left starving on a flight after turning down the unappealing, soggy aeroplane food.

But this McDonald’s in Taupo, New Zealand might have found our answer! The branch has the honour of being home to a decommissioned DC-3 passenger plane – ready for take off Maccie-lovers!

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