By Eloise Heath

21st November 2018

Hey there mischief makers, I see you. So you want to get in some trouble, maybe even get yourself arrested? Maybe you have a thing for cops, maybe you’re looking for a way to really thoroughly ghost someone, maybe jail cells are bigger than the room you rent in N1- I’m not here to judge (let’s leave that for the court room).

Here are all the ways you can get yourself into some trouble around the world. Consider this your Marauders Map, showing you the ways to get into hot water from Bavarian by-laws to Latvian legislature.

Some of these things will (probably) just get you a fine, but there’s no knowing how it could end up when you start dramatically asking for your phone call and screaming “I demand justice”. You’ve seen ‘Making a Murderer’ right? There’s no knowing how it might spin out of control.

To clarify, we do not endorse any of these actions, so don’t get any ideas. Just crank up the Olly Murs and enjoy in a purely hypothetical sense, please and thank you.

Fishy behaviour

The phrase ‘there’s something fishy going on’ is weirdly literal in these cases- you might be made to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you Cod.

56. Handling a salmon suspiciously in the UK

Image Source

Since 1986- a year in which it was not only legal but actually laudable to have your hair cut into a mullet- the Salmon Act was passed. This made it illegal to “handle Salmon in suspicious circumstances”, or in a a suspicious manner.

I would include everyone on Tinder where more than one of their photos is them holding a fish as in violation of this law.

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