By Nick

28th November 2018

“A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet…”

When you finally sit down to watch a movie -whether it be in the (very overpriced) cinema, snuggled up in bed with your laptop (cue the burning knee) or on the sofa in front of the telly (the best bet for sure) -most of us don’t set out to find faults (nope, that our mum’s job…).

Let’s face it, in the midst of the excitement, it can be almost impossible to notice harmless bloopers, (even the ones that are staring us right in the face!) but we promise, they are there…

Between continuity errors, historical inaccuracies, costume malfunctions and cameramen appearing as accidental extras -we have discovered that apparently no movie is free from embarrassing blunders…

From the Harry Potter series to Jaws, prepare yourself for some of the biggest movie mistakes in Hollywood!

If you’re afraid we might ruin your fave film then consider this your final warning to look away now…

Not In Pirates Of The Caribbean?!

The Curse Of The Black Pearl was of course the first instalment of Disney’s fantasy/action series, Pirates of the Caribbean. What an iconic movie it was -but what you might not recall, are the mistakes…

1. Pirates Of The Caribbean’s Added Crew Member!

Image Source

In this particular scene, they forgot to remove a crew member from the shot. Oops!

If it weren’t for the time periods being so noticeably different, then we might never have noticed!

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