By Amelia Slater

28th November 2018

Doctor, doctor!

We all have those days where we feel like we’ve embodied the entirety of the world’s germ population. Sometimes it’s just a common cold and sometimes it’s a bit more serious…either way, we tend to (always) launch ourselves right into a state of utter hysteria when we google our symptoms and read ‘in serious cases can lead to death…’; subsequently leading to us saying our goodbyes, planning our funeral and really taking life by the b*llocks.

Either way, I think we can all agree that getting sick is the worst!

It doesn’t help when we see Jennifer Aniston looking perfectly preened on the glossy cover of OK! magazine. We just can’t imagine this classy lady having a serious case of the runs…

Not like us poorly peasants…

Only, we forget that celebs are actually just human too with odd-looking pimples in weird places…they just have the benefit of good makeup artists and editors who can zap away bingo wings in an instant. Bam!

So if you’re feeling a bit under the weather today, grab yourself a cuppa (or a nice warm bowl of soup) and get tucked in as we delve into the prescriptions of Hollywood’s brightest stars.


1. Lady Gaga – Fibromylagia

Now we’d be lying if we said it hadn’t crossed our mind whether or not singing sensation Lady Gaga could be a supernatural being. Famed for her unique sense of style (and unique uses of raw beef), it turns out the star actually suffers from a serious condition called ‘fibromylagia’.

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