Celebrities Who Have Spent Time Behind Bars!

By Cara Dudgeon

26th November 2018

We all like to think of our favourite celebs as perfect, polished and pristine specimens who have never placed a foot wrong in their lives. How naïve we are! With the introduction of Instagram, it’s hard to imagine negativity in other peoples’ lives – let alone celebrities’.

Well it happens! And sometimes it’s extreme. So extreme, in fact, that they get arrested!


From serious charges to speeding arrests because they were late for Church (we joke not), we’ve uncovered some of the most bizarre crimes our fav celebs have committed.

You may want to sit down to read this one, as some of these are very shocking (and that’s an understatement, if we ever heard one before).

Il-Legally Blonde?

Our favourite blonde belle and her husband were arrested in 2013, after arguing with a police officer.

Reese Witherspoon

Image Source

Allegedly, she even used the line:

“Do you know my name, Sir?”

Oh Reese, just why?

Everyone’s favourite ’90s rom-com star, Hugh Grant, had it all: a successful career, a beautiful girlfriend in Liz Hurley, yet that didn’t stop him doing a certain something with a prostitute.

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