By Hannah Strong

22nd November 2018

You might be packing up your belongings and moving after reading this (just a friendly pre-warning!).

It’s no secret that obesity has always been an issue. But now, more than ever, it’s becoming a real problem within the UK.

With Brexit looming, we truly are a divided nation, but one thing that really puts the United in United Kingdom is our love for fast food: Greggs, McDonald’sBurger King

Well thanks to the good old NHS, it’s now easy to keep tabs on who’s in danger of reaching high levels of obesity…as we are all so frequently made aware of.

So…here we are…exposing whether you need to make a permanent relocation, as we reveal the 60 places in the UK with the highest rates of obesity.

If where you live is near the top of the list, congrats you healthy lil thing. If it’s near the bottom, well better luck next time. Time to swap the burger for kale? (ew, we know).

Obesity is the new smoking…

From lower to higher, here is the countdown of the cities with the highest obesity rates in the United Kingdom.

60) Ripon

Image Source

If you’re from Ripon, it’s your lucky day because your city has one of the lowest obesity rates. Good for you!

It may not be the biggest city in the UK, but it does claim that less than 6% of its people are obese.

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