By Rhiannon Philps

14th November 2018

The USA: home of the American Dream, Hollywood and – of course – fast food.

However, not everywhere in the USA is as glamorous as films would make us believe. Do I mean not everyone lives in a modern, luxury apartment overlooking the Statue of Liberty with enough money to eat out every night? Well yes, that is exactly what I am saying!

Whether residing in a huge, glitzy city or a sleepy town in a rural state miles from anywhere and anything – there are countless reasons why many Americans aren’t happy. Whether it’s gun violence, unemployment, or even simply too much traffic: Americans certainly have a lot to complain about!

But where are the unhappiest places to live in the big US of A? If you were thinking of moving to these places, you might want to think again…

There’s no place like home

Dorothy may believe this, but residents of Kansas City have a different opinion on the matter..

60. Kansas City, MO

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It may be known for its barbecue food and jazz culture, but Kansas City residents don’t seem to think it’s such “a wonderful world”.

In fact, the whole of Missouri ranks as one of the unhappiest states in the USA!

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