By Rhiannon Philps

3rd November 2018

Alcohol is everywhere we look: in the shops, on tv, in pubs, bars, clubs and probably (definitely) in our homes as well! (Who doesn’t have that emergency stash of gin for the cold winter nights when you cannot fathom the thought of leaving your home/pyjamas/dog).

And inevitably, the media is constantly on our backs, selfishly revealing how many units we should consume per day and the devastating impacts should we go over the Government’s recommendation. Guilty!

Whether it’s students downing J√§egerbombs, professionals enjoying a glass of Merlot after a stressful day at work or simply having a pint down the pub with your family on a Sunday…there’s one things for sure: alcohol appeals to all ages.

But where in the UK do people drink the most? nd more importantly, are you the sole cause of your city finding itself in the top 3? Read and weep my friends…

The results may surprise you…

Think of the UK’s booziest places: student hotspots and places famous for their binge drinking culture may spring to mind. I’m fairly sure your family’s typical ‘weekend away camping’ location won’t be first on your mind, anyway…

60. Carlisle

Image Source

The Lake District is full of rolling hills, beautiful lakes and stunning scenery – but the locals are also regular drinkers!

Stats from 2015 showed that Carlisle residents drank more than the recommended units per day, and the proportion that did so was higher than the UK average!

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