By Nick

28th November 2018

It’s 2018: people have finally started to catch on that smoking does nothing but bad things for you – yes? No? We would like to think so, anyway….It rots your teeth, clogs up your lungs and gives you bad breath.

From rat poison to tar, there are all sorts of substances which definitely aren’t recommended for human consumption. Less and less people might be lighting up, but still the nicotine has a firm hand on the majority of us…

It might be looked at as a dirty habit and not one that you openly air to the world, you might find yourself discretely shuffling off to the smoking shelter to quickly get your fix, you might even find yourself feeling ashamed at your habit…But when you’re a high profile celeb, you unfortunately don’t have the luxury of keeping the habit under wraps. As soon as you spark up, so do the paps.

So, sit back and enjoy this list of celebs you maybe didn’t know engaged in the odd puff here and there, whilst feasting your eyes on some unsightly pictures because- let’s be honest – nobody (except Audrey Hepburn) can possibly look good whilst taking a drag.

Lady Gaga

She’s known for her outlandish style (that meat dress) and behaviour, and apparently also her smoking habit…

Where’s the pap, paparazzi?

Image Source

Here she is lighting one up on stage in Amsterdam- she just doesn’t care this one!

Speaking of her marijuana habit:

“I want you to know it has totally changed my life and I’ve really cut down on drinking. It has been a totally spiritual experience for me with my music”

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