By Hannah Strong

22nd November 2018

We’ve all been there…a quick gin and tonic after work, that turns into a few more, that inevitably turns into you rocking up to work the next day in the same makeup, same clothes and same ‘I f*cked up again’ feeling.

Alcohol is simply a way of life for some people: we turn to it in times of celebration, sorrow and for when we just want to let out hair down after a stressful week at work (cue Sandra from Reprographics’ judgey eyes: how about you let us live hun?).

Now, we know celebrities live this life of luxury that is purely beyond our wildest imagination – but surely they also turn to a bev after a long week of filming/posing/being god damn fabulous?

We know Kris Jenner, for one, is partial to a very large glass of wine here and there (chin chin KJ – true legend).

However, it appears the life of luxury is too much for some of our A-Listers to handle: so much so that they are forced to abstain from alcohol and/or drugs permanently.

Zac Efron. Beyonce. Tom Cruise: get your gin ready ladies, this is sure going to provide an entertaining (shocking) read…


These teetotal celebs defo put us to shame…

Let’s get started – here are your 60 celebrities who don’t drink or do drugs!

1) Blake Lively

Image Source

One of our favourite Gossip Girl stars, and one of Hollywood’s absolute favourite females, Blake Lively revealed back in 2012 that she doesn’t drink and has never done drugs.

Speaking to Allure magazine, she explained:

“It’s just something that I genuinely don’t have a desire for.”

She’s just too busy making amazing films, raising her family and trying to save the world! Snaps for you Blake!

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