By Olivia Morris

26th November 2018

Not all humans get along, that’s for sure. We’ve all had our share of arguments, breakups and (in severe cases) fights with others. But what about our fav celebrities? Do they also indulge in this juvenile behaviour?

Sometimes we’re tempted to view celebrities through rose-tinted glasses and imagine them as infallible, non-human creatures that never get upset. But they do (quite frequently), in fact – because surprise, surprise – they¬†are only human.

The difference being that when an argument breaks out in the celebrity world, every man and their dog wants a piece of the action. Cutting remarks, broken hearts, nasty lyrics and body-shaming are plastered all over social media in seconds. And it doesn’t take long for something seemingly innocent to be completely blown out of proportion…trust us, we’ve done the research.

Who’s the worst?

So which celebrities are the worst offenders, then? There’s certainly be a fair few over the years in show-biz…

1. William Shatner & George Takei

Image Source

This one is as famous as celebrity feuds go. Shatner and Takei are of course both famous for starring in the hit sci-fi series, Star Trek.

But the two seem to have always been in conflict – Takei stating that Shatner is egotistical and never bothered with his fellow castmates.

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