By Angie

7th November 2018

If it’s not the run up to Christmas (who doesn’t love a cheeky tipple during the festive season ey), it’s the depressing New Year (booze gets us through those depressing winter months) – if it isn’t Christmas or New Year, it’s summer and who the hell doesn’t love a cheeky beverage in the sun (did someone say day sesh?).

It seems most of us have an excuse for why we’re going out and spending our entire wage on booze, just to get us through the next week…

But with all of that said, do we really know what the alcohol we’re drinking is doing to our bodies? Or, more importantly, do we want to know?

Health is wealth, after all, right?

Specialists around the world have run tests to find out how much of a strain we’re putting on our bodies by partying a little too hard…Heads up my friends, you’re in for a few shockers.

Alcohol affects your appearance?!

“Alcohol in large quantities has almost no benefit whatsoever,” says Dr O’Brien – anyone with a pre-existing skin condition should stay away from alcohol at all times.

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Even if you don’t have any problems with your skin, you should still be careful when it comes to alcohol.

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