25 Places With The Worst Drivers In The UK

By Cara Dudgeon

6th November 2018

The latest statistics are claiming that fewer teenagers are learning to drive, and there may be a reason why. As we all have probably experienced – even if we aren’t the driver – the traffic on the road getting busier and inevitably the people behind the wheel are getting crazier!

Not only does this make it more dangerous to drive, but it makes it much more stressful, and the less stress the better. Amma right?

In this article we are going to expose 25 places in the UK with the worst drivers; do you think your home will appear on the list? Are you the sole reason why your town is on the list? Let’s see…

Let’s get started

At number 25 we have Glasgow, who reportedly have the worst driver and cyclist relationships in the country!

25) Glasgow

Image Source

When asked to rate their relationships, they both scored below the average; drivers gave cyclists 5.8, but cyclists gave drivers a measly 4.6.

St Albans comes in at 24th place. Not only does it have bad drivers, but also is said to have the second worst emissions!

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