Places With The Lowest IQ's in the UK

By Emma Moylan

31st October 2018

It’s easy to think that the intelligence of the nation as a whole is dropping when we see things like Love Island’s Hayley say:

“Essex is a continent?”

No, babe… *eye roll* … No.

But with a quick google here and there to answer a burning question or using the calculator app to check if 2 plus 2 really is 4 (just in case) technology is quickly making our brains turn to mush.

Some studies even found that Brexit was caused by low levels of education… no comment.

What we all want to know is what parts of the country have a lower IQ than the rest?

Based off the percentage of people without qualifications, you’ll either think “I live there, no way will it be on the list” or “God, yeah mine definitely will be.”

Either way, you might be surprised…

Let’s Start

From higher to lower, here is the countdown of the towns with the lowest IQ’s in the United Kingdom.

60. East Ham

Image Source

We’re starting off down south in the up and coming London-based town of East Ham.

East Ham is to West Ham what salt is to pepper but in this town 19.19% of residents are without qualifications and 16.5% are registered unemployed.

59. Hull

Image Source

Swinging East to East Yorkshire, Hull is next on the list – home to an impressive aquarium and the fairly impressive Hull FC.

With a University of the same name, it is surprising that in 2009 only 19.% of residents there held a degree.

58. Maldon

Image Source

Despite a low performance rate of schools in Maldon, there have been cuts to schools in the area of up to a massive £1039 per pupil!

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