By Olivia Morris

25th October 2018

Life’s expensive, eh? From the moment you wake up in the morning, to the moment to sink back into your comfy bed at night – it feels like you’re always forking out money.

Sometimes it’s bearable. You tell yourself that there’s necessities you need, after all. Food, drink, clothing. Sometimes it’s a little less so. This often happens when you find yourself forking out hundreds of pounds a month on petrol, or when you finally reckon up the total amount spent on your daily meal deals during your lunch-break.

*Gasp* – how did I spend so much?!

Before you know it, you’re searching for deals every time you go shopping. And that’s definitely not a bad way to be – after all, everyone likes a good bargain! Sometimes, a little too much – am I right?!

But there’s times when you just want that nice, expensive jacket. Or there’s your daily caffeine fix – you simply have to get that costly caramel latte.

And that’s where we come in…Why not take a read and see if you can save a few pounds this winter?

For the coffee lovers out there…

Yes, we have all been there – alarm goes off, cry of horror, snoozed one too many times, late for work – consequently leaving you sat staring at your computer screen in a comatosed state…

This is where our good friend coffee comes into play.

1. Get a FREE hot drink at Caffè Nero

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Enjoy a cuppa tea or coffee for FREE! If you have a smartphone, it’s really easy.

All you have to do is to download Nero’s loyalty card app and enter the code: WELCOMETONERO2018. You’ll then have 14 days to redeem your hot drink.

2. 11% discount on your FIRST Vision Direct purchase

Image Source

Contact lenses cost an awful lot, don’t they? Well, here’s some good news! You’ve hard of Vision Direct, right? (They’re a really great company who ships contact lenses, provided you know your prescription!) 

To get 11% off your first purchase, enter the code: MSE11. Be careful – it doesn’t work with any other offers.

3. Cut flight prices using the following sites:

Image Source

Holidays can bleed you dry. Make sure you save as much as possible, and use the following comparison sites to cut costs on flights:

  1. Kayak – Allows you to compare flights with your luggage requirements taken into account.
  2. Skyscanner – Allows you to check exactly when during the month is cheapest.
  3. Momondo – Allows you to see the cheapest and most expensive times and dates for your specific flight.
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