By Georgia Keenan

30th October 2018

Almost half of the world’s population is female (49.6% to be exact) and yet there is still so much that remains unknown about the female body.

As we all know, women differ drastically from men; us ladies definitely know from experience that being female isn’t always an easy task.

Monthly visits from Aunt Flo, hormonal contraception, smear tests and childbirth -it often seems like us girls drew the short straw when it comes to anatomy.

But there are also a lot of fascinating things about being a woman, fascinating things that are rarely ever talked about! (And believe us, they should be).

From blue vaginas (yes, you read that right!) uneven boobs, to our heightened senses and impressive flexibility – we’ve uncovered all the deepest, darkest and juiciest facts about the female body.

Join us as we begin our count down of the most interesting things you never knew about the female body. Which fact will receive our number one spot?

The Breasts Addressed…

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” 
― Robert A. Heinlein

60. Breasts Are Never The Same Size

Image Source

Plenty of us spend too much time comparing our breasts to other women’s and wishing our own looked different, but the truth is – we’re all in the same boat!

One breast (usually the left one) is ALWAYS larger than the other and although it’s usually a small enough difference for it not to be noticeable, no woman has equally sized breasts. Speak for yourself hun, mine are pretty darn perfect…

59. Always Remember Your Sports Bra!

Image Source

As much as many of us love hitting the gym, we might be doing our breasts a disservice if we don’t wear a sports bra!

Without the correct supportive bra, breasts will bounce during your workout session – this can stretch supportive ligaments, causing boobs to sag.

58. In Perfect Balance…

Image Source

Due to hormones released during ovulation, a woman’s breasts are most symmetrical between days 14 and 16 of their monthly cycle.

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