By Emma Moylan

26th October 2018

The picture of perfection: hunky, hot celebs are consistently splashed across beauty magazines, waltzing effortlessly down the red carpet whilst the rest of us can’t help but gawk, mouths wide open and wonder what on earth they did to get so lucky.

Each sexy celeb seems to have a smile from ear to ear (like they’ve slept with a coat hanger in their mouths) and project the image of absolute flawlessness. God, don’t you hate them – yes Kimmy K, we are talking to you.

Meanwhile we’re sat at home, wrapped in our blankets trying to control our acne, bathing in moisturiser and trying to keep a lid on our illnesses. No way do celebs have to worry about things like that, right? WRONG.

Behind the fierce fa├žades of the rich of famous lies secret illnesses and weird body parts (unknown to many) as illnesses are, oddly enough, rarely selective in who they decide to affect.

Everyone has their own cross to bear and although you’d never know to look at, some of the faces we know and love are secretly battling either some serious or seriously weird stuff.

1. Selena Gomez – Lupus

You’d never guess to look at but actress Selena Gomez suffers with the disease Lupus – a condition caused by problems with the immune system whereby it attacks healthy cells and tissues.

True friendship

Image Source

No young person should have to worry about such things, but Lupus can range from mild to life-threatening and in Selena’s case, it led to her needing a kidney transplant.

Her best friend, Francia Raisa, heroically donated her kidney for Selena – meanwhile my best friend wouldn’t even make me a cup of tea. That’s true friendship right there.

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