By Lucy Cooper

25th October 2018

It’s that time of the month again, and it hits you like a red tidal wave – despite the fact your app/hunger cravings/mood swings all informed you of this a week ago…

Each and every god-damn-bloody month: it’s never a welcomed visit from Mother Nature, yet we endure it because, well, what other choice do we have? The door is closed, locked and bolted – yet she still forces her way in. Where’s your manners hun? Give us a break.

Although she may occasionally be welcomed with open arms (she tells us our bodies are running like clock work and, more importantly, give us the heads up that we won’t be needing to run to Mothercare anytime soon), we still wince in dread every-time that dreaded 5 day period¬† – excuse the terrible pun – comes upon us.

Admittedly, we (all the females out there – in case that needs clarifying) are shameless creatures of habit and it appears our bodies are too. We undergo the same symptoms each month – inevitably, there are things that we’re all guilty of thinking/doing when Aunt Flo comes to stay: read and enjoy ladies (or the very good boyfriends out there…).

Shark approaching…

When it’s that time of the month again… it’s never nice, and it’s never at the right time (if there is a right time).

1. White clothes are off the cards, period.

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Wearing white when Mother Nature comes to visit is like wearing a short skirt and asking your Dad if you look okay…

It just won’t work in your favour; you’ll always come out the loser. 1-0 to Mother Nature, again.¬†

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