By Georgia Keenan

18th October 2018

Each day news headlines flash up on our screens informing us that the foods we once thought of as healthy are now killing us (okay, maybe that was a tad dramatic – but you catch my feel). As a result grocery shopping, something we previously did without thinking, has become…well, a bit of a minefield!

Gone are the days where the biggest decision when reaching the supermarket was ”Trolley or basket?”. Now it’s all about scouring labels, making sense of numbers, colour codes-all whilst trying to remember what that doctor from the television said this morning about sugar…

Each year supermarkets are spending more and more on advertising and are purposefully branding themselves as ”trusted” in order to make us feel comfortable buying from them.

But what if I told you even your favourite supermarket was keeping you in the dark?

Have you ever wondered why dairy products are always at the back of the store? Or why fruit and veg is always at the front? There’s a strategy behind everything supermarkets do and they all have the same purpose -to make you spend more.

You certainly don’t want to miss this one, we can assure you of that…

1. The Checkout Lines Are Purposefully Cramped

We’ve all picked up an item on a shopping trip that we don’t really need, but somehow it made it to the conveyor belt anyway.

The WORST part of shopping…

Image Source

After talking yourself out of buying the unnecessary product you lift it from your cart only to realise…There’s nowhere to put it!

You’re not stuck with an item you don’t want or need. Talk about a two-second horror story…

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