By Angie

20th December 2017

Why couldn’t we just have hair on our head? Is that too much to ask for? We can all agree that we have hair in some of the most inconvenient of places. In more recent years it has become a trend to be completely hair free, barring our eyebrows and the hair on our head. We know that hair changes so much throughout the years of fashion, but there are some places that we just don’t want to have it!

Although it can be quite an embarrassing topic, it is something that is completely natural to all of us. Humans are mammals, so to qualify as a mammal you have to have a certain amount of body hair. It’s just how we’re built and we definitely shouldn’t be ashamed of being made like this. We all have unwanted body hair, some more than others…

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It is completely natural, but that doesn’t stop us being embarrassed about some of the places that we get hair. Typically, there are some places that women ‘shouldn’t’ get hair. However, this is just a standard that is set by the rest of society.

People have their own opinions about the hair on their bodies. Whilst some people like to get rid of it all, other women love to embrace their natural state and don’t want to be made to feel ashamed of how their body is created. That being said, there are some kinds of body hair that just makes us feel GROSS. But, there is one type of hair that really gets on everyone’s nerves. Of course, we are talking of nipple hair and this is the nemesis of many women and is up there with our many body hair woes.

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Genetics play a big role in how much body hair you grow, while certain hormone imbalances could mean you grow more hair than you should. BUT, once again this isn’t anything to be ashamed of and it’s still normal.

Nipple hair is the bane of many women’s lives, it’s annoying and we don’t want it there.

But, the one question that is one everyone’s lips… Is it normal for us to have nipple hair? Well, scroll through this article to find out how and why we have it.

Why do we have nipple hair? 

On average around 30% of the female population actually has nipple hair. However, there could potentially be a lot more who are too embarrassed to admit it! So, it isn’t abnormal and you shouldn’t be worried about it.

Humans are actually mammals which means that we are bound to grow hair all over our body. However, as we have evolved over thousands and thousands of years our personal need for our whole bodies to be covered in hair has become less and less. Our bodies have managed to adapt completely and we now no longer need to be covered head to toe in thick hair.

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Throughout these thousands of years of evolution the thickness of our hair has decreased dramatically. But, did you know that every part of our body is still covered in hair except the palms of our hands and the base of our feet? The rest of our body is covered in a light, peachy fuzz that actually serves a range of different purposes.

Firstly, our eye lashes are thick and have adapted to protect our eyes from a range of different things getting into them. Moreover, our hair follicles actually have an oil gland. The secretion that comes from these glands from our hair follicles goes up onto the surface of our skin and helps keep our skin waterproof. Finally, we have all experienced getting goosebumps when we’re a little bit cold. Goosebumps are our hairs standing up on our skin and they actually serve a purpose. It is your bodies way of trying to preserve heat when your hairs are literally on end.

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But, why do we get these hairs on our nipples?

Well, the hair grows from the areola, the ring around the nipple, some hairs will grow darker, longer and coarser than others. Although it is normal for us all to experience this, it can also be encouraged because of hormonal changes that we go through. As we get older there are a wide range of different factors that can affect our hormones. 

There are the major hormonal changes that we need to consider that can affect the growth of the hair on our nipples. This can occur when we are pregnant or when we are going through puberty in our teenage years. However, there are more subtle reasons like the general hormonal changes that occur naturally to all of us throughout our twenties and thirties.

Is nipple hair normal? 

Yes. Nipple hair is COMPLETELY normal and it isn’t something we need to be remotely embarrassed about. Over 30% (possibly more) of the female population have hair on their nipples – so it isn’t something we need to be ashamed of!

When is it NOT normal?

Generally speaking, there are absolutely no major medical issues that are considered to be a problem when you have nipple hair. However, the only health issue that can be associated is polycystic ovary syndrome. This is rare and this isn’t the only symptom that you would experience if you were suffering with this syndrome. Therefore, there is definitely no need to worry that you have PCOS if you have nipple hair.

Not only this, but the hair growth can be caused by the certain type of mediation you are taking – but this is in extremely rare cases.

Do NOT let this worry you because the vast majority of the time, the hair on your nipples is EXTREMELY normal!

How to get rid of it?

If you feel like you want to get rid of these little hairs on your nipples then there are a range of different options out there for you.

Tweeze it

If you are patient and can hack the pain then one option would be to tweeze out these annoying little hairs. Remember to fully clean the sire before you start poking around your nipple to prevent any upset on such a tender place!

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Wax it

If you’re brave enough then you can always opt to wax the hairs from your nipples. This pulls them out from the root and means it will take a lot longer to grow back than before.

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Trim it

If you don’t want to pull them out from the root then you can simply trim these little hairs yourself. But make sure you’re careful when you do so!

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Shave it

If you don’t want to commit to pulling these out yourself, then you can always shave them. Beware: the more you shave, the more your hairs will grow back thicker and quicker!

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Laser it

If you have this kind of money and you’re really conscious about these things, then you can always opt to go and get the hair removed with a laser! This is a big commitment and costs quite a bit of money. However, if it will make you feel more comfortable and less embarrassed about your body then do it!

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Embrace it! 

If these little hairs don’t phase you then you don’t need to do anything. We are in a time where it is becoming so much more common to accept people for who they are regardless of their choices. This body is your natural body and was made like this for a reason. These little things shouldn’t be seen as an imperfection and instead you should embrace these quirky little bits about your body!

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Never be embarrassed for who you are or what your body looks like!

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