By Lewis Thelwell

8th January 2019

Esteban – Adrian R’Mante

”No one calls Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez a thief!” 

How could you not remember Esteban the comedic bellhop and his unusually long name?

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Esteban was first introduced as The Tipton’s bellhop, however over the course of the show he earned a promotion to assistant night manager.

No One’s Got The Time…

Although he formed a close friendship with the Martin twins over the course of the show, his most loyal companion and top priority remained Dudley…the chicken. Not exactly the most common of pets!

Where Are They Now?

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Unfortunately as Dudley’s breed of chicken is only expected to live around nine years, it’s safe to assume he has passed on to chicken heaven.

Adrian R’Mante on the other hand is very much alive and well!