By Ciara

7th January 2019

Tina O’Brien admits her “heart was hammering” when she married Adam Crofts and she found it “nerve-wracking” that everyone was watching her as she walked down the aisle.

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The ‘Coronation Street’ star – who plays Sarah-Louise Platt on the ITV soap – admits she found it “nerve-wracking” walking down the aisle because she “didn’t want to take it lightly committing” to someone for the rest of her life.

She admitted:

“I found the idea of everybody looking at me quite nerve-wracking. But I was just so happy to see Adam, Beau and Scarlett all dressed up. My heart was hammering. It felt so intense. I didn’t take it lightly committing to being with somebody for the rest of my life.”

However, now they are married, Tina and Adam couldn’t be happier.

She said:

“It’s amazing to finally be husband and wife.”

Whilst Adam added:

“I just felt excited to finally be getting married. It had been a long time coming!”

Tina wanted her 10-year-old daughter Scarlett – who she has with Ryan Thomas – and Beau, four, who she has with Adam, to have a big part in the wedding.

She shared to the new issue of OK! magazine:

“Beau brought the ring box over. He was supposed to open it but he just handed it over. He did amazing considering he is only four! I think he was very proud of the part he played. Scarlett did really well, too. I was surprised she didn’t snatch the microphone and start singing! They had the run of the whole hotel! I think Scarlett thought she was the queen …

“In the run up to the wedding, Beau had been going into nursery and marrying all the girls in his class! All he talked about was us getting married. He got married to two girls one day. I don’t think his brides realised he was a bigamist!”

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