By Angie

12th January 2019

Ah, the old cherry popping: the occasion we as teenagers anticipated more than anything in the world. For some of us it was awkward, for some of us it was enjoyable (really?) and for some of us it was just downright painful. Yet, despite your experience, it’s sure to be etched into your memory forever.

It is easily to transport back to those younger years, when losing your virginity was the bee-all and end-all, and recount how you were desperate not to be the last in your group to do the deed; yet looking back now, there really was no need to rush into it…

We all have our own stories and most of us probably look back at our first time and howl with uncomfortable laughter (or cry with embarrassment)…

So, with that in mind, how many of the following thoughts crossed your newly non-virgin mind the first time you got down and dirty..

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