By Angie

12th January 2019

It’s arguably the most controversial show on TV, and is definitely the one you don’t want to watch with your parents. Channel 4’s Naked Attraction is the dating game show with a twist – to say the least! You thought Love Island was shallow, well Naked Attraction’s premise is that a contestant chooses the person they would like to go on a date with simply by the way they look. Starting from the bottom of their body working all the way to the top and finishing with their voice. Entirely full frontal! No wonder it’s on after the watershed. In this article we are going to bare all (sorry not sorry) of the facts about Naked Attraction – and we will warn you, this is not for the easily offended…

1) Anna Richardson

The show is presented by the one and only Anna Richardson. One of Channel 4’s most cult presenters.

The iconic fringe

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Not one to shy away from awkward topics, Richardson has also presented Channel 4’s The Sex Education Show, and all of its sequels.

Richardson has stated:

“I’m not afraid to talk about anything and I want to try to dispel any taboo,” 

Yep, that’s our face too

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She goes on to say:

“You shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about being vulnerable, so I’m OK with nakedness and being mentally naked.”

After an eighteen year relationship with a man, Richardson herself started a relationship with fellow TV presenter, Sue Perkins.

Love is Love

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Talking about her relationship, she’s said:

“People think it’s about sex. It’s not about sex. It’s about the person.”

Here, here!