By Juliet Smith

10th January 2019

If there’s anything in the world that Gordon Ramsay really can’t stand, it’s incompetence in the kitchen and an overcooked beef bourguignon. And please, please don’t get him started on underdone scallops…

So, if you’d enjoy watching a fiery British man screaming profanities into the faces of vulnerable, aspiring (but slowly crumbling) chefs, Hell’s Kitchen might be your Saturday night (every evening) sorted.

If you’ve never watched the show, this is how it goes: a group of wannabe big-time chefs are put through their paces (that’s where it gets the name Hell’s Kitchen from…) in the hopes of securing a job as exec. chef in one of Ramsay’s fine-dining restaurants. Yes, it’s like The Apprentice, but instead of a wealthy businessman calling the shots, it’s a wealthy, angry chef verbally torturing the show’s participants.

Now the show’s hit its 17th season, it’s fair to say that the abrasive chef’s belligerence – paired with 20 cowering contestants – is a winning formula.

The best thing about the show is that you can kick back at home on your sofa, glass of wine in hand, comfy pants on and prepare to watch Ramsay lose his mind – all the while knowing that your doors are locked and that the angry chef can’t get to you.

Of course, the show lacks no drama when it comes to the intense challenges, but off-screen, things are pretty interesting too…

1. Hell’s Kitchen is not for celeb-wannabes

Unlike other TV shows (Love Island, we’re looking at you), Hell’s Kitchen doesn’t select camera-ready contestants. Exec. producers Arthur Smith and Kent Weed explained that they’re not looking for candidates to become TV stars:

“You don’t have to be a model or a personal trainer. Our cast members are line cooks and garde-mangers. They’re in the trenches.”

So if you’re not bad looking and searching for your 5 minutes of fame, Hell’s Kitchen is NOT looking for you.

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