By Cara Dudgeon

11th January 2019

Your makeup is looking pristine, your hair is just perfectly coiffed and in place (for once), your pose is something that you would only see on the front cover of Vogue…yet some clown thinks it’s acceptable to ruin your private photoshoot. Fantastic.

Is there anything that’s equally as annoying and funny at the same time as a photo bomb?

It seems like it’s not just us common peeps who love to spoil a pic either, the celebs have been dabbling their hands in the mix too! From Royals to vampires, we have all the photo bombs that you didn’t realise you’d been waiting your whole life to see. (Okay, maybe not your whole life, but since photo bombs started trending).

Sit back, relax and get ready to LOL/cringe at these images. Looks like they are human after all…

Zach Braff

Do you reckon that Zach knew this couple, or just did it for bants? Bet they got this one framed on the wall.

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Kelly Clarkson

All they were trying to do was take a nice couple photo, and then Kelly Clarkson decided to butt in! Credit where it’s due, it is a pretty decent photo bomb.

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