By Emma Moylan

11th January 2019

“One day you’re in… and the next you’re out.”¬†

That’s the rule in the world of fashion. But no matter how flawless everyone appears in the fashion biz (Kendall Jenner *sigh*), catastrophes are inevitable from time to time (because no-one can be perfect, not even Beyonc√©…well, she actually might be):

  1. Wearing the same outfit as someone else
  2. Models falling over on stage
  3. Screaming toddlers on the front row

Yes, they are the stuff of nightmares that plague models, editors and celebrities alike for weeks and months before the catwalk… and have actually all happened! They will be forever imprinted in our minds as cataclysmic disasters (because they’re actually hilarious).

So, with Paris Fashion Week fast approaching, what’s better than reminiscing on some of the worst fashion week disasters in history? Prepare the Anna Wintour within you for obscene amounts of cringe.

Who needs shoes anyway?

Is there anything worse for a designer than when a model (trained to walk in high heels) thinks “ah f*ck it” and takes them off?

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The moment came after she stumbled down the runway, giving a new meaning to Fall Collection 2017/18. In fairness, it’s actually a popular fashion decision for females after 2am and a few too many cocktails.

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