By Lewis Thelwell

11th January 2019

The school bell rings. It’s coming up to half past three. You breathe a sigh of relief, packing your pencil case into your bag. Your friends smile and say, “I’ll see you tomorrow!” You’re soon walking in the direction of home. And just as you walk into the house, you kick your shoes off. Moments later, you toss your body back onto the sofa and grab a hold of the TV remote.

Ahhh! The good old days.

It’s probably been a while since you did all that, eh? But we all still love TV, and fondly remember the programmes we used to binge on as a kid (sick days were the best!) – long before YouTube, and long, long before Netflix.

I’ll bet you’ve got a favourite – we all do! When I was really small, I absolutely adored Bear in the Big Blue House. As I grew older, my horizons widened. I remember watching Blue PeterArt Attack, Raven and lots of Disney stuff.


And you remember CBBC, right? It’s the BBC’s kids channel. If you have kids yourself now, chances are you’ve switched over to it at some point or other. It’s had a whole host of amazing shows over the years it’s been broadcasting. Some you’ll know, some your younger relatives will know, some neither of you might know! But why don’t you give this nostalgic quiz a go, and see if you’re still a child at heart?



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