By Ciara

11th January 2019

Sean Ward admitted that last year he became “bitter” about not being able to find work.

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The former ‘Coronation Street’ actor – who played the role of Callum Logan in the ITV soap until 2015 – has spoken openly about his battle with depression, and admitted that last year he became “bitter” about not being able to find work.

Speaking on ‘Loose Women’ he said:

“I wasn’t getting any work I was doing like 50 auditions last year and didn’t get one job so like the resentment was building I was kind of bitter I was going online and I was just bitter. “

The 30-year-old soap star went on to explain that although he was offered medication, he wanted to try and work through his mental health problems by finding out “where [he] was going wrong” and admitting to himself he was on a “bad path”.

He said:

“It was just a massive shift in my consciousness where I was like I cannot continue on this path and I didn’t wanna started with the anti-depressants.

“I was offered them and I think I had to look inside and find out what I was kind of filling this void with.

“That’s the main thing, if somebody is at home feeling a bit depressed you have to trick your mind and say, I know it sounds ridiculous, I would just say ‘I love myself, I love myself’.

“You say it repeatedly for a week and you’ll eventually start feeling a little bit more comfortable with yourself, say it for a month you’ll start to actually believe it.

“I think for starters was finding out what my addictions where finding out where I was kind of, where I was going wrong and you have to admit to yourself that you are on a bad path. “

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