By Eloise Heath

3rd January 2019

Sometimes it’s nice to sit with a comforting cup of tea, snuggle up, and think about pleasant things: your BFF, how delicious profiteroles are, ’Gilmore Girls’. Can’t you just feel the tensions and stresses of your day fading away, like you’ve sat in a warm bubble bath? Ahhhh.

Sure, relaxation and a tranquil peace of mind are nice.

But sometimes it’s even better to scare yourself silly with a consideration of the probability, maybe even inevitability, of catastrophic global conflict. Yep, the working day/having kids/school/exams/public transport/relationship drama weren’t enough stress- let’s talk about World War III.

Choosing your hideout for a quasi-apocalyptic world disrupting drama is a tricky business. A remote island seems sensible at first- but you *know* there isn’t going to be any wifi. Maybe you’d survive, but would it be worth it?!

From the remote to the self sufficient, the well armed to the politically chilled out, there are a whole host of different options for your WW3 stronghold. Good luck.

1. Antartica

According to The Guardian, this chilly locale would be a good bet were nuclear war to break out. It’s massive and absolutely miles from anywhere, plus there’s a treaty that could keep you safe from strikes. The 1959 Antarctic Treaty marks it as a neutral zone, for peaceful nuclear experimentation and research only.


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