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3rd January 2019

Rochelle Humes says her fellow ‘This Morning’ presenter Phillip Schofield is “a dream” to work with, and she loves doing live TV.

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The 29-year-old TV presenter co-hosted ‘This Morning’ alongside the 56-year-old star while Holly Willoughby was guest co-hosting ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ late last year, and the former The Saturdays star gushed that that her co-presenter is fantastic to work with, and she thrives off the adrenaline rush of working on live TV.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine:

“Phillip Schofield is such a dream to work with. Exactly how you’d imagine him to be.

“There’s a lot to learn, but live TV is such a buzz.”

Rochelle – who was previously in group S Club Juniors, who were formed in 2001 as part of a reality TV show ‘S Club Search’ – never intended to be in a girl band, and instinctively knew that she wanted to return to TV when the group split.

She said:

“I never imagined I’d be in a girl band. When me and the girls decided to stop [performing], I knew I’d go back into telly.

“People would say, ‘Are you going to do a solo song?’ Never an interest. Never even tried.”

Despite starting out in a reality show, Rochelle – who was in The Saturdays from 2007 to 2014 – insists she had to work hard to make it in the music industry.

Speaking about The Saturdays, she said:

“When we started it was like, ‘Jeez, we do so, so much. [From S Club Juniors] I’d had this preconceived idea that it was ‘do some work, have a break’, but we didn’t get fame overnight on a reality show.

“We had to build our fanbase. We worked hard just for people to be aware of who we were.

“We’d get corporate gigs for some Christmas party and everyone would be in suits and really stiff, and we were like, ‘Why have you booked The Saturdays?!’

“We’d just look at each other and carry on.

“We’d get changed in loos, never had a dressing room, didn’t stay in hotels, just drove back.”

Read the full article with Rochelle in the February issue of Cosmopolitan – on sale today (03.01.19).

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