By Georgia Keenan

4th January 2019

It has probably been a good number of years since you last thought about your fav childhood CITV programmes, but there was a time when you would have done anything to see them…

Whether it was pulling a sicky (cue holding your head against the radiator to mimic a fever) and bunking off school for the day; or creeping into the living room in the early hours of a Saturday morning, to be the first one to take control of the remote while your siblings were in bed (it didn’t matter that they’d fight you for it when they woke up) – you name it, we did it.

But as the years passed, the importance of our once cherished shows dwindled, replaced instead by the ”boring adult shows” we promised we’d never watch….Whoops! 

While some stars have completely abandoned their promising television careers in favour of something completely different, others have seemingly become permanent fixtures on our screens…

From the stars of My Parents Are Aliens to Girls In Love, prepare yourself for a trip down memory lane as we uncover what our favourite characters are up to now!

1. David Peachey (Bernard’s Watch)

You remember Bernard’s Watch don’t you? The CITV drama followed a young boy named Bernard (obviously) who had the ability to pause time with the help of his magical pocket watch. Remember it now? Of course you do! So, what has little David Peachey been up to these last fourteen years?

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