By Georgia Keenan

3rd January 2019

Kids today are fortunate enough to have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV and a whole host of other affordable streaming services at their fingertips, and lets not forget the ability to pause and rewind live TV – which definitely would have made life for us ’90s kids so much easier…

The 3 O’clock school bell announced the beginning of our daily race home, cue the speed walk (we still wanted to at least look cool) as fast our little legs would carry us, weighed down by uncomfortably heavy bags and a tin lunchbox that clattered against our knees with every step, to get home first to claim the TV.

Only when the front door was in sight would it become acceptable to sprint up the garden path and wrestle our siblings for the remote control while promising our parents that we’d catch up on homework after our fave show was done for the evening.

From The Worst Witch and The Story Of Tracy Beaker to Raven and M.I. High, it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite CBBC show that helped shape our childhood.

On that note, join us as we take a look back at our CBBC heroes and uncover where they are up to now…

1. Montanna Thompson (Justine Littlewood in The Story Of Tracy Beaker)

Justine Littlewood was without a doubt everyone’s favourite Dumping Ground bad girl. Love her or hate her, Justine played a vital role in the series and just like Tracy, us fans witnessed a huge change in her persona as the years went on!


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Now -All GLOWN Up!

Since her time on The Story Of Tray Beaker ended, actress Montanna Thompson has went on to land roles in Sugar RushThe Bill, and The Trials of Jimmy Rose. In 2017, she starred in Kill or be Killed and although she prefers to keep her private life under wraps, we know she welcomed her first child that same year!


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