By Juliet Smith

11th January 2019

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that we all talk about Queen Elizabeth II and her brood a lot. Yes, the world has been consumed by wedding fever, lavish ceremonies (they sure know how to throw a good party) and photos of Prince George looking royally unimpressed.

But as the British monarchy continues to capture our attentions – and tabloid headlines – it’s easy to forget that Harry, Meghan, Kate and William are not the only royal family in the world (there’s a whopping 25 others).

So, whether you’ve been dreaming of the princess life and looking to find an eligible bachelor, or you’re just sick of hearing about what Meghan had for dinner last night; if you can take your eyes of Prince Harry for just a few minutes… here are some of the kings, queens, princes and princesses who (literally) rule the world.

1. The Netherlands: Royal-ing the Ibiza way

With bohemian style and a chilled-out vibes, are the Dutch Royal family really as easygoing as they look?

The answer is, most certainly, a resounding YES! King Willem-Alexander makes our Prince Harry’s wild student days look tame – he once told the press to ‘p*** off’ during a photo session, has crashed his car into a ditch and has been known to love a good do. What more could you want from your country’s ruler?

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And it’s not just the Dutch King whose approach to royal life is unconventional, his wife – Queen Maxima – insists on cycling everywhere, sent her kids to state school and is even a registered ‘lice mother’ (that’s someone who inspects children’s hair for head lice… lovely!)

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