By Ciara

2nd January 2019

‘The Voice UK’ judge Olly Murs has joked he is too scared to pull one of his classic pranks on fellow coach Jennifer Hudson, but has already frightened presenter Emma Willis.

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‘The Voice UK’ judge has been playing practical jokes on the show’s crew members backstage by jumping out of cupboards and filming their reactions, but hasn’t dared to pull a prank on his 37-year-old fellow judge yet for fear she might whack him.

The 34-year singer is quoted by the Daily Star newspaper as saying:

“I really want to do it to Jennifer but I wasn’t too sure.

“I think she’d give me a right-hander if I did it.”

But he did manage to play a successful prank on ‘The Voice’ co-host Emma Willis.

He said:

“I got Emma. She was perfect. Emma was like amazing.

“Scaring the s**t out of people and making the days fun – I think that’s why I was employed on the show.

“I was like having fun. And this show’s all about that.”

For the first time ever, ‘The Voice’ – which sees contestants take part in blind singing auditions, whereby the coaches spin round in their chairs if they wish to mentor them after only hearing their voice – will allow trios to audition, rather than just solo acts or duets.

The ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’ hitmaker – who will be joined by, Sir Tom Jones and Jennifer on the panel – previously said:

“Last year I managed to get seduced and picked some entertaining performers.

“The other coaches might think they have worked me out but I’m coming back with a bang, just you wait!”

Jennifer added:

“I’m so happy to be re-joining my coaches at ‘The Voice UK’. I’m ready and excited to discover some beautiful voices.”

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