By Ciara

10th January 2019

Kerry Katona says she has joined ‘Celebs Go Dating’ so she can find her children a “new daddy”, but she will not be putting her “tongue down anyone’s throat” on the programme.

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The Atomic Kitten singer – who has kids Molly, 17, and Lilly-Sue, 15 with Brian McFadden; Heidi, 11, and Maxwell, 10, with Mark Croft; and Dylan-Jorge, five, with George Kay – has joked she will get her “t*ts” out on the E4 show, but will not snogs anyone on TV for fear of embarrassing her children.

Speaking to The Sun Online, she said:

“My Molly said, ‘Mum, by all means do the show but if you put your tongue down anyone’s throat I will never speak to you again.’

“Someone said to me I’d be the talk of the playground and I said, ‘I don’t give a s**t about the mums but what I do give a s**t about is what the kids will be saying to my kids in the classroom.’

“I wouldn’t do it to them. The kids have got enough stick over my past. I wouldn’t do it to them – on camera. I didn’t say I wouldn’t get my t*ts out though.

“We got Molly on the show – Lily doesn’t know as she’ll be jealous – she was on Facetime and went ‘OK mummy, go and find me a new daddy.’ “

Kerry – who has previously been married to Brian, Mark and George – admits she “started crying” at the show’s mixer party, which is held to encourage the celebs to mingle, because her past marriages had knocked her confidence.

She said:

“I’ve never done the whole dating thing, I just marry them.

“For me now my walls are so high up that I’m not letting anybody in and it doesn’t matter if they’re lovely, I get so nervous because of my previous relationships – my last few marriages.

“Honest to God when we did the first mixer I looked amazing but I got really overwhelmed. I started crying.”

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