By Ciara

7th January 2019

Kem Cetinay says Phillip Schofield has “taken him under his wing” as he prepares for his first presenting job on ‘Dancing on Ice’.

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The 22-year-old reality star – who competed on the ITV ice dancing competition last year – is the show’s new digital reporter, and has said he’s so “nervous” about his first day on the job on Sunday (06.01.19), that show host Philip has had to help mentor him.

Kem said:

“I am really, really nervous about Sunday. I’ve got to be able to present in front of Phil and Holly and that makes me feel very nervous.

“But Phil has properly taken me under his wing; he’s been supporting me in rehearsals. He knows it’s a big thing for me so he wants me to do well. He’s been making an effort to show me the ropes and teaching me little tricks.”

Phillip – who hosts the show alongside Holly Willoughby – has shared his wisdom with the former ‘Love Island’ winner, including tips on how to keep his hands busy while he talks.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre TV column, Kem added:

“I tend to talk with my hands, I can’t help it but Phil told me that I need something to fiddle with, he said he always fiddles with his wedding ring, so for Christmas my mum and dad have bought me one.”

Kem is taking over the digital reporter role from Jordan Banjo, who presented on the show last year but was unable to return due schedule changes.

A source previously said:

“Kem’s delighted. It’s his first major TV presenting gig and he’s hoping it will propel him into the mainstream.

“While reality TV will always be in his roots, he’s keen to move away from it now … Kem can still remember some of his ice-skating skills from last year so he may even get his skates back on.”

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