By Ciara

2nd January 2019

Reality TV star Alex George has revealed via Instagram that he is dating ‘Ibiza Weekender’ star Amelia Bath.

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The 28-year-old doctor – who starred on ‘Love Island’ in 2018 – has taken to Instagram to confirm he’s in a relationship with fellow TV star Amelia, 24.

Alex captioned a photo of himself and his new girlfriend standing in front of a festive backdrop:

“The person I would like to couple up with is…. (sic)”

Despite his appearance on ‘Love Island’, Alex has recently struggled to find a girlfriend, revealing in August that he’d been single for three years.

At the time, Alex admitted he considered the ITV show to be a “desperate” move in his search for his dream girl.

Asked why he decided to appear on the programme, he shared:

“I’ve been single for three years. Desperate measures were required…

“It was something completely different to what I’d done before, a new challenge. And I thought, if I come out with a girlfriend, amazing.”

Alex confessed it was a tough decision to go on the show in the first place.

But the NHS doctor thought he owed it to himself to take the opportunity, as he’d been so consumed by studying and his work over recent years.

He said:

“There was part of me thinking, is it right to take the time off?

“But I’ve hardly taken any time off from work over the last few years, and through med school it’s been non-stop, so I feel like I’m allowed to have a bit of time. And I didn’t expect to be on there for eight weeks, to be honest!”

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