By Cara Dudgeon

2nd January 2019

It’s been nearly 10 years since Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died. Where has the time gone?!

He was in the public eye since he was a young lad, so you’d think that we know all there is to him. But, it’s not as Black and White as it may first seem. The P.Y.T had more to him than meets the eye… some dark secrets.

Do you reckon that he was a Smooth Criminal or just plain Bad? This article, man, you won’t be able to Beat It. Stick around, it’s is going to be a Thriller!

“Can I make an appointment with my brother please?”

From 2007 onwards, Michael was estranged from his siblings, and pretty much all of his family. Except his mum. Hence, his siblings had to book appointments to see him! How crazy, right? Apparently, some of them would try and break through the security gate… to which Michael would greet them by turning them away. Sibling love, huh?


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