By Angie

12th January 2019

“Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it…”

There is always so much speculation about what happens when you die: float up to heaven to the golden gates perched on clean, puffy clouds? Go straight to the burning inferno of hell? Incarnated as a fly to spy on loved ones? Trapped in limbo as a nasty, aggressive and bitter ghost causing chaos to those who have wronged you?

Who knows…

…but what we do know is that we all take comfort in believing loved ones who have passed are nearby and willing to lend a hand of sympathy/advice/comfort.

Whether you have given the idea of an afterlife much thought or not, you cannot deny that the mere thought of it alone fills you with a welcoming feeling of ease and solace.

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Naturally, when you undergo the loss of a loved one you suffer grief, loss and heartache – and what can ease the feelings listed above? The idea that they are still around, in the form of a spirit, living their afterlife.

Despite your beliefs, strange happenings which cannot be explained occur often, particularly after the loss of a loved one, and there are specific signs which indicate a loved one is actually still present…