By Lewis Thelwell

11th January 2019

Can you believe that it has been fifteen years since Cheaper by the Dozen first appeared on our screens?! Don’t worry, we feel old too.

Unknown to some, it was originally a novel written by Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr. and his older sister Ernestine, who based the novel off their own childhood – yes, they were also from a family of twelve children!

The 2003 remake of the film features some rather well-known faces that you’re bound to know; the question is: will yoau realise that the adults you’re so familiar with now, were the young actors you once loved as a child?

The definition of a ‘big’ family

You cannot deny, after watching this film you wanted to be a Baker…we all did!

Family goals…


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With that many kids, there was of course bound to be some pranks along the way.


To parents Tom and Kate’s (Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt) shock horror (that they never seem to expect)…

Do you think that the shocked emoji was based on their expressions?

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You’d think that they’d start to learn, but, of course, they don’t – the magic of the movies, huh?


They didn’t even click on in the sequel, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, which premiered in 2005.


Not your best look Steve…

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Time to turn to the kids and see how well, or perhaps not well, they’ve aged…



Nora Baker

The trusty oldest child, although she wasn’t living in her family home, we still saw a lot of Nora.

Like butter wouldn’t melt

Image source

At a mere 22 years old, Nora is desperately trying to start her own life.


However, she is often roped into babysitting her younger siblings, which she doesn’t hate but…


She isn’t thrilled about either

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She just wants her own space! And yes, we have all been there at one point or another…


But when Mark goes missing (spoiler alert), she is of course there in a flash!

A look of genuine concern

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Now, how do you think she’s aged? Fifteen years is a long time.



Piper Perabo

Perabo has gone on to star in other films and TV shows – she’s even been nominated for a Golden Globe!

Still a blonde bombshell

Image Source

She’s recently starred in the movie Looper (2012), alongside Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Emily Blunt.

However, you may recognise her most from her break through role in Coyote Ugly.

Such a classic

Image Source

Nowadays, she isn’t seen dancing on many bars (unfortunately for some).

She starred in Covert Affairs as Annie Walker, and can next be seen in Turn Up Charlie, alongside Idris Elba.

Not bad girl, not bad at all

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Brace yourself, the next child turned into a real hunk and a half.


Charlie Baker

The Baker family’s eldest son, he is also their star sports player.

Hello muscles…

Image Source

However, the family’s move puts him on the back foot in his new school.

His new teammates often make fun of him and push him to breaking point.

That’s a fight I’d pay to see

Image Source

To the extent that he decides to skip school completely – we all love a bad boy.

Unfortunately for some, he ends up returning to the good side. He still looks the same though, right?

Damn, he looks good with kids…

Image Source

He’s like fine wine, only gets better with age (fifteen years to be exact).

Tom Welling

At forty-one years of age (we know!!) Welling’s roles have advanced from high school football star.

What did I tell you?

Image Source

He most recently starred in Lucifer, alongside Tom Ellis, as the role Marcus Pierce.

You may know him best from Smallville though, playing the man himself – Clark Kent.

I need a hero…

Image Source

Fun fact time – Welling actually turned the role twice, thinking it was too big a role for him, as he was a very new actor.

Previous to being an actor, he was a model and became good friends with Ashton Kutcher.

They were babies too once!

Image Source

Sit tight, there’s more of Kutcher to come, but first, I’d put money on you recognising the next star…


Lorraine Baker

The girliest girl of them all, Lorraine was the fashion/ beauty guru of the Bakers.

The price you pay to look good

Image Source

Although she didn’t get along swimmingly with all of her siblings (*coughs* Sarah *coughs*).

Lorraine was close with her older brother Charlie, once seen stopping him from getting in a fight!

She looks up to him (quite literally)

Image Source

She dreams of attending fashion school and eventually becoming a fashion designer.

But with that fashion sense, it seems very debatable if she would have got in.

See what we mean?

Image Source

Thankfully, the actress that plays her didn’t make as many faux pas!

Hilary Duff

I know what you’re thinking, I thought her name was Lizzie McGuire? Well, kind of.

She was such a lil’ baby!

Image Source

Lizzie McGuire was her break through role and was insanely successful. To the extent that it even got its own movie in 2003.

Duff went from strength to strength, and in 2004 starred in A Cinderella Story alongside Chad Michael Murray.

Jealous? Me? Never.

Image Source

However, Cheaper by the Dozen remains the film that has earned her the most to date.

In 2012, Duff gave birth to a son, Luca, and recently announced that she is expecting a daughter with her boyfriend, Matthew Koma.

She looks glowing

Image Source

That means three kids are down, there’s only, erm, nine to go!


Henry Baker

The musical child of the Bakers, Henry is often seen playing his clarinet.

Go on son!

Image Source

Sometimes even seen playing with food in his mouth. Super gross!

He’s often seen sporting a flat cap and other out-there fashion items.

Very fancy

Image Source

Maybe he’s been taking some style advice from older sister Lorraine.

Not one to start the trouble, Henry can be convinced to get involved with his siblings antics.

That face though

Image Source

Trust me, this change is dramatic, you definitely don’t want to miss it.

Kevin G. Schmidt

I know right, he looks so different! Not a bad looking chap eh…he’s definitely matured very well.

It’s crazy

Image Source

He’s become as much of a dreamboat as fellow co-star, Tom Welling. (And that’s saying something!)

Schmidt starred alongside Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato in the Disney Channel original movie, Princess Protection Program.

Famous friends

Image Source

Like his Cheaper by the Dozen co-star, Schmidt has also worked alongside Ashton Kutcher.

They both starred in the 2004 film The Butterfly Effect, however, this was before Schmidt’s glow up.


Image Source

Nowadays, Schmidt is the founder and CEO of Creative Organic Ventures, a company that focuses on improving sustainable food production and research.

He’s on the health train

Image Source

Well, to look as good as that, I guess it takes a little clean eating.

Sarah Baker

The most tomboy girl you’ll ever meet: Sarah was the pure opposite to her older sister, Lorraine.

Look at the fashion sense

Image Source

Of course, dad Tom (Steve Martin) loved the fact that he had another sports player.

But she was also full of mischief, often being the ringleader of trouble. Much to our entertainment.

That glare though

Image Source

She aimed most of her anger at her brother Mark, who ended up running away as he couldn’t take it anymore.

However, once he was found (and you put your tissues away), she apologised to him – the feels!

She sure loves her hats

Image Source

She’s grown up a lot! Fifteen years is quite a long time I guess. Trust me, a lot’s happened with this one.


Alyson Stoner

The secret Disney star, Stoner has starred in numerous programmes. Many you will be familiar with for sure…

Left her tomboy image behind

Image Source

She’s starred alongside the Sprouse twins in The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, as well as the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato in Camp Rock – it’s alright for some, huh?

Her voice may also be recognisable to you, as she played Isabella in the cartoon – Phineas and Ferb.

Not just a pretty face

Image Source

Recently Stoner self-penned an article (very brave we must add) for Teen Vogue about her coming out experience.

In the article she states that she is:

“attracted to men, women, and people who identify in other ways”.

Love is Love

Image Source

Her single, When It’s Right (originally going to be named Her), is about her journey.

Jake Baker

One of the quieter members of the family, Jake is often seen sporting a beanie.

Could he look any less interested?

Image Source

However, that doesn’t mean he can’t be persuaded to join in on the fun, aka trouble.

When he learns that his brother Mark is being bullied, him and fellow sibling Mike start a fight at school.

Are those trainers big enough do you think?

Image Source

Jake is really into sport, especially skateboarding and playing hockey with Mike. With a dad like his, that is no surprise.

We bet that his dad Tom wishes it was football instead! But of course it wasn’t…

It’s only a plastic cup, don’t look too upset!

Image Source

Keep reading to see what else this actor has also been in…you are sure to be surprised…

Jacob Smith

Before finding fame with Cheaper by the Dozen, Smith starred in the Disney Channel original movie, Phantom of the Megaplex.

Chopped his skater boy locks

Image Source

He also starred alongside Taylor Momsen (known from the hit TV show Gossip Girl and the band, The Pretty Reckless) in the 2002 film Hansel and Gretel.

He also appeared in Troy (2004) – yes, that Brad Pitt film.  We definitely wouldn’t have recognised him.

Before the hair cut

Image Source

Fun fact: he was actually born Jonathan Jacob Charles William Smith – it’s understandable why he shortened it.

Apart from a few smaller roles in TV shows and adverts, Smith hasn’t done any major acting since his time in Cheaper by the Dozen.

That’s a good blue steel

Image Source

As you can see by his looks, it’s a bit of a shame really. He has definitely blossomed – ding dong.

Mark Baker

Arguably the most shy Baker child, Mark is quite different compared to his brothers and sisters.

What a little cutie!

Image Source

He is bullied by his siblings – with big sister Sarah giving him the nickname, Fed Ex.

He is often seen with his beloved pet, a frog named Beans (cue the sobs – we know).

Guess that Beans are good for your heart

Image Source

However, the frog soon becomes sick, and eventually dies. And breaks the heart of every child…

As a consequence, Mark runs away after leaving the note ‘big families suck’. And the family is left in turmoil.

We’re crying too Mark

Image Source

Thankfully, he is found by dad Tom, and after some apologies from his siblings, the Bakers live happily ever after.

Forrest Landis

Landis has surprisingly landed many acting roles since starring in the feel-good film Cheaper by the Dozen.

Not far from his Cheaper by the Dozen character

Image Source

Most notably, the 2005 films The Skeleton Key, where he starred alongside Kate Hudson, and Flightplan, where he acted with Jodie Foster.

He biggest lead role came from the 2008 film Spy School (known outside of the US as Doubting Thomas or Lies and Spies).

Who knew he’d become a hero?

Image Source

In the movie he stars alongside AnnaSophia Robb and Lea Thompson; it’s fair to say he is has friends in high circles.

Since then, Landis hasn’t really done much acting, and instead prefers to skateboard. Unusual career change…

Skateboarding over acting, really?

Image Source

Oh well, even James Bond can’t be a spy forever. We still love you and those ginger locks Forrest.

Kim Baker

The first set off Baker twins, Kim (Kimberly) is often seen with her non-identical sister, Jessica.

Stern as steel…

Image Source

She is very smart and serious and has been known to correct her teacher in front of the class.

Although she is clever, she is also known for getting involved in her sister Sarah’s pranks.

…or sweet as sugar?

Image Source

Kim can be a bit of a Daddy’s girl, often attending his football games and cheering her father along…

She is perhaps the most tomboy of the twins (although not compared to Sarah!) as she wears more blue, whereas Jessica is often seen in pink.

It’s the only way for twins, right?

Image Source

Let’s take a look at how she looks as a grown up. You may or may not recognise her!

Morgan York

York has had a few acting roles since appearing in Cheaper by the Dozen.

She sure looks different!

Image Source

In 2004, she starred alongside Vin Diesel and Brittany Snow in the movie The Pacifier.

She also had a recurring role as Sarah, in the Disney Channel series, Hannah Montana.

Still rocking the glasses

Image Source

After her stint on Hannah Montana, York decided to retire from acting. Why? We are not sure!

In 2015 she graduated from the University of Redlands and is hoping to become a young adult novelist.

Even shorter hair!

Image Source

Time to reacquaint ourselves with her twin sister…the cute and hilarious Jessica (who could forget her?).

Jessica Baker

Similarly to sister Kim, Jessica is also very clever, and often talks about maths.

Maths?! Maths?!

Image Source

Although she is similar in appearance to brother Mark, she doesn’t seem to get bullied.

However, she does fight with her siblings – to the extent that Jake even put a bucket on her head!

We’d look like that too if someone ruined our hair

Image Source

She has her twin sister Kim to watch her back though. And this is why the girls are up there with our favourite Bakers…

Not only this, but the fact they co-ordinate all of their outfits made them an instant hit with us.

That face…


Image Source

I wonder if she looks anymore like her sister now she’s older? They were never exactly ‘identical…’

Liliana Mumy

Mumy has appeared in other franchises since Cheaper by the Dozen – you may recognise her!

Nope, still doesn’t look like Kim

Image Source

Such as two of The Santa Clause trilogy movies, as Lucy Miller. The cheeky little girl who had a sneaky suspicion about her uncle Scott…

These days she is more of a voice actor, appearing in several successful shows, that you are guaranteed to have seen!

She’s still as cute though

Image Source

Her voiced has been used in Lilo and Stitch, Howl’s Moving Castle, and, the ‘Buddies’ franchise.

You may recognise her surname, that’s because she is the daughter of fellow actor Bill Mumy.

Father and daughter

Image Source

How many of the Baker siblings is that now? We are struggling to keep a count!

Mike Baker

Yet another sporty member of the family, Mike seems to be into karate.

How many lunchboxes?

Image Source

After hearing that his older brother Mark is getting bullied at school, he decides to take action, and starts to fight the bullies along with brother Jake.

Mike and his siblings get grounded because of this, to which he turns around and asks what grounded is.

How cute!

Image Source

He also gets into trouble after helping older sister Sarah prank Hank, Nora’s boyfriend.

He is very loving though, as can be seen from him fighting to protect Mark. And we loved him for it!

We love you too, Mike

Image Source

Now time to see how he has aged…this one is guaranteed to shock all, that is for sure…

Blake Woodruff

Woodruff began acting by playing the role of ‘Crying Boy’ in the 2003 film, Blind Horizon, which also starred Val Kilmer.

Not too shabby looking

Image Source

He has taken up other acting roles since Cheaper by the Dozen. He starred as Danny Pope in the TV Series Mister Ed.

And in 2007, he was in the horror film Whisper, alongside Josh Holloway and Cory Monteith.

Beans, is that you?!

Image Source

More recently he appeared in yet another horror/ thriller film, Victor Crowley (2017), playing Zach.

He also worked as a stunt double from 2014-2015 – is there anything this guy cannot do?

What a smoulder

Image Source

Saving the best until last, it’s time for our favourite set of twins (apart from the Sprouses, obvs).

Kyle Baker

One half of the Baker’s identical twins, we were all in love with Nigel and Kyle.

So adorable!

Image Source

Although they were often getting up to no good, it was easy to forgive the twins.

The twins are often seen in a variety of costumes – they never failed to entertain.

Exhibit A

Image Source

The twins are pretty much always seen together, which is double the cuteness if you ask me!

The pair are even seen getting a lecture along with dad Tom, from their nursery teacher. Hilarious.

Even Dad doesn’t seem to be concentrating too hard

Image Source

Dare I wonder how old they are now?! This will blow your mind – prepare yourself.


Shane Kinsman

The twins will be twenty-one years old this year!! We feel so old – just look at them!

Aged very well

Image Source

Shane appeared in Desperate Housewives alongside his brother, where they played Lynette’s oldest twin sons.

The starred in the show from 2004-2008, until they were replaced by Max and Charlie Carver.

They look so old (in a nice way, obvs)

Image Source

Shane has also appeared on the TV show ER – the show that of course propelled George Clooney to stardom and beyond.

You don’t really hear much from Kyle these days, he hasn’t starred in anything major since Desperate Housewives.

Wish they’d stayed this cute forever

Image Source

And finally time for the last Baker child.

Nigel Baker

The other half of the formidable duo that always springs to mind when we think of Cheaper by the Dozen.

Little gummy smile

Image Source

The reason why the boys got a lecture from their nursery teacher is because they were nasty to her.

Typical Bakers am I right?! Their cute outfits pull at the heart strings though.

Those facial expressions!

Image Source

The boys love to play together, but also get involved in sister Sarah’s antics.

I guess they are young enough to be convinced of anything – look at those little faces, like butter wouldn’t melt.

Always matching outfits

Image Source

I wonder if he’s aged as well as his brother? Considering they were identical, what do you think?

Brent Kinsman

Brent played Preston and Shane played Porter Scavo in the series Desperate Housewives – the smash hit American series.

Looking smart boys

Image Source

The twins had their acting debut at four years old in an advert – and since then, their success continued.

Brent also appeared on ER with twin Shane in the episode: The Book of Abby.

Very much like his fictional brother Mark

Image Source

They played the characters Curly and Larry Weddington, the pair of them are never far apart.

Brent is also slightly under the radar these days, having not starred in anything since 2008.

Love a co-ordinating stripe

Image Source

Although that’s all of the kids, it’s time for a few bonus characters…prepare yourselves guys…

Eliot Murtaugh – Taylor Lautner

In the sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen, aptly named Cheaper by the Dozen 2, we are introduced to a new family – the Murtaughs. Starring some other recognisable faces, like Taylor Lautner.

Has he had an electric shock?

Image Source

Pre-werewolf phase, Lautner was known for the guy who Sarah Baker for a cinema date…

And was caught doing that move on her! The move that we all experienced at some point in our teens…

Bet that was awkward!

Image Source

Nowadays, Lautner is best known for starring in the Twilight movie franchise.

Starring as the loving friend Jacob Black. And what a hit he was with the ladies.

As we can all see, he aged extremely well

Image Source

Lautner also stars in the BBC TV series, Cuckoo. Who’d have thought it? A BBC show?!

Anne Murtaugh – Jaime King

Anne, or ‘Annie’, is the older sister of Eliot and also dad Jimmy’s golden child.

Golden locks to match her golden status

Image Source

Similarly to Eliot, this Murtagh also has a forbidden love with one of the Bakers…

Charlie helps Annie to break away from her fathers leashes and pursue her real passion, art.

A modern day Romeo and Juliet

Image Source

King has had a successful career also starring in Pearl Harbour, Sin City, and Barely Lethal to name a few of her movies.

She has openly talked about her struggles with infertility, but has two sons – James and Leo – with her husband Kyle Newman.

A pair of stunners

Image Source

Fun fact: Taylor Swift is godmother to King’s second son, Leo. Small world, eh?!

Daniel Murtaugh – Robbie Amell

Although perhaps not instantly recognisable, Robbie Amell used his Cheaper by the Dozen fame to leap frog himself into bigger.

Why, hello…

Image Source

He has starred in many TV shows, such as How I Met Your Mother, Pretty Little Liars, and, The Flash.

Amell also starred in the 2015 teen movie, The Duff. Yes, that terrible Netflix film we have all watched.

Honey, you ain’t no duff

Image Source

Unfortunately for all us singletons, Amell isn’t single, and is instead married to actress, Italia Ricci.

Most recently he starred in the Netflix original movie, When We First Met, alongside Alexandra Daddario and Adam Levine.

So much beauty my eyes hurt

Image Source

Can you remember anymore of the Murtuaghs? (Apart from step mother Carmen Electra of course).

Kenneth Murtaugh – Alexander Conti

Arguably the biggest troublemaker of the Murtaugh clan, Kenneth’s friendship with Mark often leads both sets of kids into mischief.

Yes, you, you’re the troublemaker

Image Source

Having worked in film and television since he was six years old, Conti has a long list of creditable work.

In 2009 he starred as Diego in the movie Case 39; for which he was nominated for a Young Artist Award.

Told you fifteen years was a long time

Image Source

He was nominated for yet another Young Artist Award, this time for his role of Sport in the film, Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars.

Conti hasn’t starred in anything since 2015, where he appeared in the TV show Hemlock Grove, as Kessell.

What a headshot

Image Source

Can you guess who we’ve saved for last? (Yes, we have come to the end already – sigh).

Steven Anthony Lawrence – Dylan Shenk

Appearing in the first movie, Dylan is the only son of neighbours Tina and Bill.

Wonder what he’s so confused about?


Image Source

Lawrence is perhaps most recognisable for playing Beans on the hit TV show, Even Stevens.

Even starring in the TV movie, wonderfully called The Even Stevens Movie.

We give that title a thumbs up for originality too mate

Image Source

At the ripe old age of twenty-eight (yes, we know…), Lawrence has starred in numerous projects.


For example, he was in the Bratz movie, an episode of Eagleheart and in 2017 played Jingles in the movie, Holly, Jingles and Clyde 3D.

How different?!


Image Source

And that’s all folks! How many of you are going to rush home and whack Cheaper by the Dozen on? We definitely are…

Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments.