By Juliet Smith

8th January 2019

Everyone loves a bit of celeb gossip – the O.T.T. weddings; the baby bumps; and the public feuds (seriously, we’re glad to see Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are back on speaking terms). So, it’s always a sad moment when you hear that yet another celebrity has been admitted to rehab.

With Lindsay Lohan’s court ordered rehab making tabloid headlines for years (yes, there’s been too many to count on one hand) and the heart-breaking recent news of Ant McPartlin’s rehab stint…the dream of a laid-back celebrity lifestyle is fading right before our eyes.

But let’s be honest, life in the spotlight can’t be easy. The pressure to have to fulfil the public’s expectations of your appearance, financial status and relationships can quickly turn a ‘normal’ life into a hectic, stressful state of affairs.

So, when you throw in intense media coverage, a celeb reputation to uphold and paparazzi eyeing your every move, things are bound to be headed in the direction of a complete and utter train-wreck.

As the much loved Robin Williams once joked:

“Cocaine is God’s way of telling you you are making too much money.”

And it’s not just hard drugs that plague the lives of Hollywood’s rich and famous. With an industry full of stress, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to suffer from addictions like eating disorders, plastic surgery, and of course (most commonly) alcohol dependency.

So, here were are, once again, satisfying your curiosities (shamelessly): get your hankies ready as we delve into the imperfect lives of our favourite celebrities….

1. Lindsay Lohan: In and out of rehab

Let’s start with an obvious one.

In an era of troubled young Hollywood actresses – unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade – it’s safe to say that Lohan’s name immediately comes to mind when the word rehab is thrown around.

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