By Emma Moylan

9th January 2019

Apparently, whilst most celebs are often hungry for the limelight, *cough* Kardashians *cough*, it seems that some of them want their walk up the aisle to be private and intimate… Weird?

In fact, many even go to great lengths to keep their wedding day shrouded in mystery and out of the public eye, before revealing (sometimes months later) that they have in fact tied the knot.┬áDon’t they know how nosy we are?!

Despite our disappointment at feeling left out of the wedding hype (and our invitation clearly getting lost in the post) I guess we understand the desire of celebs saying their vows intimately, surrounded by close friends and family and not being blinded by the paparazzi… I suppose…

But, we always find out their secrets in the end (mwah ha ha) so we’ve compiled a list and pics of your fave celebs that secretly tied the knot…

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Yes – our little Hannah Montana is all grown and married to hunky husband Liam Hemsworth. YAY.

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Conrad Carr posted pics of Miley in a white dress, cutting a cake (bit of a giveaway) but we still patiently (impatiently) waited for confirmation before jumping to the conclusion that they were indeed married. And their photos did not disappoint. CUTE.

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