By Juliet Smith

11th January 2019

EVERYONE remembers where they were found out that the nation’s favourite couple, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, were parting ways: the news that broke the world’s heart (nearly as much as it did our Jen’s). We all know the story. #TeamJen

It’s true – after her five-year marriage ended, Jen quickly become one of the most famous, most loved and, of course, the most worried – about celebrities of all time. Seriously, we’ve never been more concerned about a stranger’s well-being than went we caught wind of Brangelina.

But since – even 15 years later – the whole Brad Pitt affair is still pretty raw (pass me the tissues), it’s easy to forget that the actress has had many other gentlemen who’ve been lucky enough to call themselves Jen-An’s other half.

From one hottie to the next, Jen’s road to romance has been rocky… but here’s to¬†hoping that one day our favourite Friends star will be whisked off her feet by the man of her dreams.

 1. Daniel McDonald РThe one that got away

We’ve all got that ‘right person, wrong time’ ex. And actor Daniel McDonald was exactly that guy for young Jen. The pair dated for four years in the early nineties and she later revealed that he was both an ‘unappreciated boyfriend’ and ‘The One’ for her.

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Sadly, Daniel died in 2007 from a brain tumour at age just 46. Aniston admitted:

“I was 25 and stupid. He must have sent me Justin (Theroux) to make up for it all.”

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