By Cara Dudgeon

10th January 2019

They say that you know when the one is the one (if that could hit me over the head ASAP, it would be much appreciated), but what if it’s wrong? (On second thoughts, I can wait a little – lot – longer for that hit on the head).

So what is it about co-stars that seem to be so attractive to our favourite celebs? So attractive – in fact – that they will cheat on their partners with them?!

Brace yourself for all of the heartbreak, tantrums and happily ever afters…What happens in Hollywood, doesn’t stay in Hollywood (thank god!).

Chad Michael Murray and Paris Hilton

Chad was married to his One Tree Hill co-star Sophia Bush, when he met Paris on the set of House Of Wax.

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He’d only been married to Bush for one month when he had an affair with the hotel heiress.

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When Bush found out about the affair, she filed for a divorce.However, her and Chad had to keep filming One Tree Hill together for four more years! Awkward.