By Angie

1st January 2019

Here at the¬†Daily Feed¬†office we love a laugh, and to be frank, who doesn’t?! And, what kind of humans would we be if we failed to share the wealth with you lovely bunch at home, so yes…we have pulled through to provide the belly laughs that we all so very much need in our lives.

Undoubtedly, some of the most hilarious things to have ever graced the internet are images that make you do a double take…make you have a serious “WTF is that?” moment. And yes, you guessed it…we have gathered together some of our most favourite pictures that are in this genre to form this very article. I know, I know – save the thanks for later.

So get yourself comfortable, and make sure that you have been to the toilet, as some of these will probably make you LOL or even PMSL quite literally! Don’t say that we didn’t warn you…

Take a look at these!

Time for our first double take image – just two girls having their photograph taken.

What’s that hand holding?!

Image Source

Oh wait! There appears to be a little bit more than just that going on.

Image two shows two sports men having a pre or post match embrace. Everyone say ‘awww’.

What’s going on here then?

Image Source

Wait – is it two or three men? How many arms are there? So confused!

This image would appear to show a group of friends having a nice little get-together.

Boys will be boys

Image Source

And of course, the boys decided to do the odd prank and make it look like that girl has no bikini bottoms on!