By Angie

10th January 2019

It’s better out than in…

Or so we’re told, anyway. Understandably, the vast majority of us find it (painfully) embarrassing to fart in public – and don’t get me wrong, it’s not the most pleasant of things to be involuntarily accustomed with – but sometimes (a lot of the time) it just needs to happen.

Our bodies give us clever little clues and indicators when things aren’t quite right and, low and behold, farting is most certainly one of them. We can determine a lot about our health simply through our ‘wind’ and no, we don’t just mean the regrets of that 3am Jalfrezi…

No one can escape farting (that’s right…even the Queen does it) it’s just one of those things everyone has to deal with and it would be much more worrisome if we didn’t fart (cue the harrowing pain experienced when spending days on end with your new fella and having to pretend your derriere smells of roses and doesn’t produce such toxic fumes…).

So, for those of you too embarrassed¬†to let rip around your other half, after reading these seven impressive health benefits of this mere natural body function, you will be much more at ease letting the odd one go here and there…(in moderation, of course).¬†

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1. It’s good for that little colon of yours.

Holding in your farts, or any natural body reactions, are not good for your health – whether it’s holding in urine, bowel movement or gas (but you should know that by now, right?).

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