By Juliet Smith

10th January 2019

Green, crunchy and healthy – the stuff that dreams are made of? Always.

Yes, we all want that Kardashian bod, we might even go as far as to the occasional spinning class in the hope our bums will miraculously grow over night, but we are told time and time again that weight loss is determined largely by what we stuff in our mouths. Sigh. As much as we would love to believe that cakes, crisps and chocolate will get us that dream body we are so very desperate for, it is sadly not the case.

So, allow us to introduce the vegetable that may be about to answer all your prayers: celery. Arguably, not the most exciting option from the ever growing vegetable category, we know, but the effects it has on your body truly don’t compare to anything else.

From transforming your sex life to combatting cancerous cells in your body – celery is easily one of the most powerful foods on the market and something we all need to add to our diets – immediately!

Its benefits stretch far beyond the image obsessed nature we’re all guilty of developing in this world of Instagram…

15. It stops you feeling bloated before a night out

This wonder food can pretty much tackle the biggest problem we all face before a big night out: feeling bloated.

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Due to the high percentage of water and electrolytes in each stick of celery, it can decrease that horrible bloated feeling almost instantly.