By Ciara

18th December 2018

Vicky Pattison is set to reveal all about her recent split from fianc√© John Noble in upcoming TLC reality TV special ‘The Break Up’.

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The 31-year-old star’s engagement with John Noble ended last month, after video footage emerged of him seemingly getting close with a mystery woman in a Dubai nightclub, ahead of their marriage plans next year.

The former flames were signed up for their own show ‘Vicky and John Said Yes’ for TLC, but now the network has announced plans to replace it with a one-off programme looking at the aftermath of the split.

Vicky claimed:

“I had already started filming a wedding special for TLC and then everything changed. It wasn’t an easy decision but when I commit, I commit 100 per cent and I felt it important to continue to show the realities of my life at that tough time.

“I want people to see the real me and my real emotions, so they can understand the truth behind the headlines.

“Yes, I had my heart broken but there are more emotions to it and people for the first time will get to see that.”

‘Vicky Pattison: The Break Up’ will see the former ‘Geordie Shore’ star open up in a very honest way, with friends helping her after the wedding is called off and she starts to hunt for a new home of her own.

She added:

“The filming process has actually been therapeutic for me. I hope that anyone who has been hurt in a relationship will be able to relate to me when watching the show.

“They’ll also get the pleasure of following my crazy, fun life – and get introduced to the people that make my world go around; my family, my friends, my management – it’s a bizarre thing to say right now, but I hope people will really enjoy it!”

The channel has promised the special will feature “emotionally raw moments” alongside Vicky’s “infectious and vivacious personality”.

Clare Laycock – vice-president head of brands, at Quest Red, TLC, ID and Food Network – said:

“We’re privileged that Vicky has chosen for TLC to take this journey with her as she experiences something that sadly many of us can relate to.

“The film will provide an honest insight into Vicky’s real life and her resilient character, capturing everything from the lows of her emotionally raw moments to the highs of Vicky’s infectious and vivacious personality.”

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