By Juliet Smith

3rd December 2018

Every year a bunch of celebs go into the jungle, munch on some ostrich testicles, swallow some fish eyes and battle with creepy crawlies in a bid to entertain viewers and – of course – to boost their declining celeb status.

But with the title of ‘King/Queen of the Jungle’ hanging in the balance; celebs face hunger, sleepless nights and worst of all… having to spend 24/7 with a group of HUGE celebrity egos (seriously, 10 minutes of Noel Edmonds is 10 minutes too many).

Love them, hate them, or even hate to love them (think Lady Colin Campbell series 15), by the end of the series, you’re guaranteed to know the celebs inside out.

And although we’re only a couple of weeks into this years series, we already know how to push Nick Knowles’ buttons, we know that Harry Redknapp’s got no clue when it comes to puzzles and we know that Sair Khan is… well, she’s….erm…who is she again?

But we’re about to find out a WHOLE lot more about the 2018 contestants.

So, get comfy and grab yourself a drink (preferably not vomit fruit) as we take a peak behind the cameras into the lives of this years I’m A Celeb hopefuls.

1. John Barrowman isn’t actually American

He’s a jack of all trades: a seasoned theatre performer, an established musician and a well-known actor.

But it seems our favourite American in the jungle isn’t actually American.

He’s a wee Scot, can you believe it!?

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